Monday, July 21, 2008

We started with breakfast at 7:30 then orientation at 8:30, we got a wonderful pep talk from Mrs. United States 2007 Stephanie Hunt, then we met our choreographers and other production staff of the Mrs. United States Pageant. After a very long day of rehearsals we were off to Planet Hollywood for a few hours of shopping on the Mircle Mile or whatever any other girls decided to do. Many of us wanted to spend a night out on the town but director Isabella Ilacqua knows best she had us all back on the bus and to our hotel by 9:30. We are all due for our swimsuit photos starting at 7 AM. I hope you enjoy the photos from todays activities...
Mrs. United States 2007 talks to this years delegates
The state gift exchange, it was like Christmas in July!

We all had our little (or big) bags in hand Christmas? maybe trick or treating...

Getting it all organized

Boarding the bus to Planet Hollywood

Me with Mrs. United States Director Isabella Ilacqua

Just hanging out on the Miracle Mile Mall

Getting good luck from Budda
Mrs. Florida and one of her fans and fellow statesmen.

Stephanie had to take her crown off so that it would not hit the ceiling of the bus

Shopping at Frederick's ooh la la

and so it as time to call it a night, it was late but we were all still smiling :)