Thursday, July 24, 2008

I don't have any pictures but sure wish I did.......tonight at around midnight I was heading back to my room, there was a group of teenage boys sitting in the hallway, trying to stay out of trouble. You see there are a hundred or more teens (boys and girls) her for some sort of basketball tournament. I had seen these young men earlier in the day getting a bit of a workout from their coach in the hallway. Well I challenged anyone of them that I could do more push-ups than they could. I told them to give me 5 minutes to take off my sash, short skirt and high heels and I would be right back out. It only took me a few moments but by the time I returned, they were heading into their rooms, thinking that I was just bluffing. Bottom line is they sacrificed one of their young players all of them standing around (including my husband Bob, who I am sure thought I was crazy), getting ready to watch me take on this 16 year old. Of course I beat him! Did you have any doubt? When we were done I told them to "always know who your enemy is", and then the coach told me to formally introduce myself; "Major Joelle Goodwin, United States Army"! They didn't believe it, I could have followed up with but didn't that I was also 44 years old. HA!!!! I'll be laughing about this and telling this story for awhile. Their coach sent them to their rooms immediately and gave them hell for getting beat by a "GIRL". HA! Goodnight.


Joy said...

Ha Ha!!! That is AWESOME! Chalk one up for GIRL POWER!

You could have really driven the screws in and told them you are a MOM!!!

Hope you are having a good time!
Love Ya
Joy in AL

Robynne said...

Hooah!! ;)

Congrats and good luck tonight.

Robynne Dexter
Mrs OR US 2000
US Army Women's Museum