Tuesday, July 22, 2008

THE INTERVIEW - Imagine 5 judges, 53 women and they have to spend 4 minutes with each of them learning as much as they can about them in that time! We truly have a beautiful and dynamic group of ladies here at the Mrs. United States Pageant and I do not envy the judges job this week. Interviews began at 6:00PM and are not due to be finished until 11:00PM. Tomorrow of course is more rehearsals and the preliminary competition.

"The Room"

"The Timer"


Joy said...

Joelle, you look awesome! (as always) Good luck!

Joy in AL

Tina M said...

Your pictures are GREAT! Thanks for posting them. Do you happen to have any of Mrs Alaska? She's a friend from my church and I can't seem to find many as she hasn't updated her blog. Keep up the good work and best to you this evening!