Thursday, July 24, 2008

The final rehearsal is in the BAG!!!! OK it's 4:33 PM PST, we actaully got done a little ahead of schedule today and I promised myself and my husband that I would come up to my room and take a nap and NOT get on my computer, but I feel it my civic duty to keep the pageant community updated on the activities here, so here are photos from our final rehearsal. What a blast it has been no matter what the outcome tonight I know that I have learned a lot and have grown so much by getting to know a wonderful bunch of women over the past week, thank-you all for your friendship. Good luck to everyone tonight!!!!

Balloons on stage for the swimwear beach scene
Great dancers we have for the opening number and swimwear compition.
Great buddies Mrs. Virginai and Mrs. Maryland
Mrs. Nebraska catches a few winks while waiting for our next direction.
Mrs. Hawaii, tired but smiling.
Our very own celebrities Mrs. Kansas (aka Kirsten Dunst and Mrs. West Virginia (aka Reba McEntire) Mrs. Lousiana is their biggest fan.
Mrs. Delaware performs major surgery on Mrs. Alaska's sweater, so that she does not have a "wardrobe malfunction".

Our MCs for the night are R.J. Peltyn (remember "belt" girls; and Lynette Chappell - very elegant.
Our flower girl for the preliminaries is tonights "Crown girl", McKenzie is a doll.
Someone will go home with this tonight....
Almost over and still smiling
Mrs. New Jersey and Mrs. Connecticut always camera ready.
The woman that made us all look so good up on stage during our opening number ISABEL was wonderful and funny. I think that most of the ladies will agree with me, she truly made the opening number easy. I usually stress out about getting the dance steps but with her help it almost felt like second nature. OK it also helped that I had Mrs. Georgia and Mrs. Illinois counting off the steps near me.

Mrs. Mississippi and Mrs. Massachusetts
Stephanie's pretend farewell
OK it's 4:45 - I've got to get a nap in. I've really enjoyed writing this and keeping folks up to date. Once again I will try to get photos on tonight as soon as possible. Of course pictures during the show are not allowed.

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