Sunday, May 31, 2009

24-26 May Mrs. Idaho America Pageant - ROAD TRIP!!!! Libby Crawford the the Mrs. Oregon director, took me on my first REAL road trip as Mrs. Oregon on this particular weekend, we hit the road on Friday and headed for Boise, Idaho where the Mrs. Idaho Pageant was being held. It was a great girls weekend away, driving down the road singing along to 1980's music, and talking...lots of talking. I got the chance to meet all of the lovely ladies that were competing for the title of Mrs. Idaho. I was very happy that it was them and not me having to walk across that stage again. At the end of the night Jamie Hilton took home the coveted, Mrs. Idaho crown. Congratulations Jamie!!!

Mrs Idaho 2009 Jaime Hilton and Mrs. Oregon

A quick stop to appreciate the beauty that is MY State

28 March Miss Portland Pageant - one of the great things about being Mrs. Oregon is the opportunity to travel around and catch the local (and sometimes not so local) pageants that take place. On this date I attended the Miss Portland Scholarship Pageant. My escort was none other than Master Ian Rankins (aka my official photographer).

14 March Mr and Miss Gervais Pageant - I was very honored when asked if I would be a judge for the Mr. and Miss Gervais pageant held at Gervais High School. Gervais is a small town just East of Salem, Oregon. What a wonderful experience. The pageant is an annual event put on by the seniors to raise money for Dornebecher's Children's hospital in Portland. The students put the pageant on entirely by themselves, show casing their ingenuity, talent and ability to care for those who are unable to care for themselves.

1 March HIV Alliance "Big Night" - One of my first and most rewarding appearances was the HIV Alliances "Big Night", a benefit for the HIV Alliances Speakers in the school program. I am sorry to say that I did not get any really good photos of the evening, but it was a really enjoyable experience. I was able to tell my story as the sister of an AIDS victim. I had no idea what I was going to say right up to the moment that I took the microphone, in the end I was told that my story touched many of those in attendance that night. Speaking from the heart I felt my big brother standing over my shoulder and guiding me.

We sold the balloons and at a certain moment during the night everyone popped their balloon for the chance at a $100 bill, there was at least $1 in each balloon.

Mr. and Mrs. Oregon heading out the door...
CATCHING UP - and so my friend Kim, said to me "when are you going to update your blog"? Well she was right I have not posted anything since February!!! How lame is that? I have done sooooo much and really enjoyed my almost five months as Mrs. Oregon, but guess I have not shown proper appreciation. This weekend in particular reminded me that I really need to update my blog. You see one of my goals as Mrs. Oregon was to chronicle my travels around my beautiful state, and travel I have..... One of the many benefits of being married to my husband bobgoodwin aka "Mr. Oregon", is never having to take the same path twice, not always having to travel on the Interstate, having the ability to say, "turn right" just for the heck of it, and that is what we did this weekend. I bought a new digital camera back in December, I have taken hundreds of pictures, and so now I will start uploading some of those that show my adventures thus far as Mrs. Oregon America thus far in chronological hold on and enjoy the ride!