Thursday, July 24, 2008

Draggin Behind!!!!! You have never seen so many tired folks in one place at one time, OK maybe you have if you've been a beauty pageant contestant. When we got our one hour lunch break I had to or sleep, food or sleep, food or sleep. I chose food over sleep in hopes that we will be let loose early enough this afternoon to catch a few zzzzz's before the big night. So this morning I was inspired by all of the different crown pins and that I had seen on the ladies Sashes so I began taking pictures of them. Here are just a few.....

Mrs. New Jersey

Mrs. North Carolina

Mrs. New York

Mrs. Puerto Rico

One of my favorites Mrs. Montana. She says it was a gift and came from Herrod's in London - beautiful

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Joy said...

What a great post! (I loved your one-woman-expose' on the feet too!)

I love alL the different cool that you thought to share this with us.

You are a winner in my book!
Love ya!
Joy in AL