Thursday, July 24, 2008

Preliminary Night!!! Beautiful gowns all around. I don't think that anyone was overly nervous, I am telling you the biggest thing on any ones mind was (1) I pray to God that I don't fall down those stairs and (2) I just want to get off if my feet.

Mrs. West Virginia (aka Reba) and Mrs. Washington (note the clock on the wall - that's 9PM)

Sisters helping sisters (hem comes undone)

Mrs. Massachusetts Erica Baker

Mrs. Idaho and Mrs. New Jersey

If it looks like we are in a smoke filled room it's because we are! They ran the stupid smoke machines all day, we still have not figure out why. It made the stage look smokey and it filled the dressing rooms with smoke. I guess it was for some sort of effect, but the effect was affecting us!

I call these my "ladies in waiting shots" either we had just gotten done with evening gown or we were waiting to go on stage. Bottom line is everyone just wanted to get off of their feet!!

Mrs. Washington and Mrs. Idaho

And so tomorrow is the day once again we are up for breakfast at about 7:30 AM and rehearsal at 8:30. I tell you the ladies don't need any rehearsal we have all been where we were supposed to be everyday on time - very professional, it's the production crew that has made life less than desirable and we sit and wait for them. The show starts at 7:30 PM, and not matter what happens in the end I can truly say that this has been a very rewarding experience, I have met some really cool ladies and learned a lot. It is now after 1 AM, I am one tired beauty queen and so need to get myself to bed. I will be sure to post as soon as possible tomarrow night.

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Joy said...

I guess you can see why Rachel (AL) not only won the title, she was also voted Mrs Congeniality!

Glad everyone is helping each other...that shows they are there for more than just the crown.

Love ya
Joy in AL