Wednesday, June 24, 2009

3 May 2009 - two years ago I ran in my 4th marathon, the inaugural Eugene marathon, for my 4th marathon I I knocked 1 hour and 20 minutes off of my last marathon time. So I was really looking forward to the 2008 marathon, I began training for it I got to training mile 18 but came up lame and never completed mile 18, and never got better, so instead of running the marathon I sang the National Anthem at the beginning of the race, it as a good experience but I felt kind of empty at I watched the runners go by me. I worked hard to try to get back to running, but a year later I was still having problems with my knee and haven't run more than 4 miles and even then it was with pain. So knowing that I would not be running the 2009 Eugene Marathon I put together a team for a marathon water station "Those who can run marathons do, those who can't...volunteer". So along with fellow board members from the Lane County Chapter of the University of Oregon Alumni Association (LCAC) we manned the second water station on the marathon route. I found great joy in handing cups of water and Gatorade to the thousands of runners and walkers passing by our water Station, I laughed and talked with my fellow LCAC members as we found ourselves soaking wet not necessarily from the falling rain, but from spilling the cups of water on our feet, also being sticky from the elbows down from stirring ans spilling Gatorade. It really was a fun and memorable experience but once again, I wish that I could have been on the other side of the water station, running knee is no better I can walk and sometimes ride a bike fairly well but as soon as I go to run on my knee it hurts....Stupid Knee.

Judges Mrs. Oregon, Mayor Williams & Brad Cohen

End of the day - Cold, wind blown and disheveled

2 May BIKEFEST2009 - The STAR Chapter 339 - held their 5th annual bike fest in downtown Cottage Grove a charity event to help Parent Partnership. Parent Partnership is a non-profit organization that helps Youth On There Own (YOTO), to continue to survive and get an education. Without Parent Partnership most of these children would have nowhere to turn for help. I was honored to be invited as a judge for the bike show. The day started out beautiful, but then turned into a windy, rainy, cold day, which can be attested to by my wind blown hair in the pictures here. I was joined by fellow judges Gary Williams, Mayor of Cottage Grove and Brad Cohen owner of Brad's Chevrolet in Cottage Grove. In spite of the weather it was a really fun day.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bond proves full measure of support
By Bob Welch
Register-Guard columnist
Appeared in print: Sunday, Jun 21, 2009 ,

He’s 82 and lives in Lincoln City. She’s 45 and lives around the block from me in Eugene.
Father and daughter. A relationship that, on this Father’s Day — as told by the two — sounds to me like an old vinyl jazz album: a few scratches here and there, but sweet music other than that.
Like a lot of father-daughter relationships, I’d assume. Only this one is like none I’ve ever seen.
There’s the military thing, for example, a rare bond for father and daughter. George Rankins is a retired master sergeant who fought as part of the only all-black Army Ranger company in the Korean War. His daughter, Lisa Joelle Rankins Goodwin, is an assistant professor of military science in the U.S. Army/University of Oregon ROTC program.
Then, there’s the pageant thing, which doesn’t bond them in the least. Well, maybe a touch after what happened last January.
Joelle — that’s what she goes by — is the reigning Mrs. Oregon, the first African-American to win the title.
“I haven’t been excited about this pageant stuff,” George says. “Takes too much time and money. But she points out I’m the one that got her into it. When she was a little girl in Portland, some lady in our neighborhood wanted to know if she wanted to be in this pageant, and I said OK.”
This all got me thinking about how these inter-generational relationships depend, in part, on a willingness of one person to support the other — even if the endeavor at hand leaves one of them cold.
As George’s golf outings did when Joelle was a little girl. He’d have her tag along as he and his buddies played at public courses in Portland. Rain. Sleet. Cold. You name it, they played in it — and she watched in it.
“I may have been miserable,” Joelle remembers, “but I never complained.” And hooted and hollered when her father would win.
But she learned to love the golf outings. Among her favorite childhood memories? Driving to California with her dad and a pal for a tournament. “Flying along in one of dad’s Cadillac Eldorados, singing to Sam Cook on an eight-track tape. My dad was my hero, a gentle giant.”
And a hero in other ways, not that many people, even Joelle, had heard much about that chapter of his life. How in 1950 he’d tried to join the Marines and been told by a recruiting-station captain that he’d wind up on a ship, “waiting on some white captain.” How he’d heard about this all-black Army Ranger company that was forming — paratroopers — and earned a spot on it. (Never mind that the armed services had supposedly been desegregated in 1948.) And how, in Korea, he’d won a Silver Star for gallantry, once saving a buddy who’d lost most of a leg, George using his rifle as a crutch for the two of them.
“He’s tough as nails on the outside,” Joelle says, “but a teddy bear inside.”
He taught her to be proud of who she was; his job at the Portland Urban League was about creating opportunities for minorities.
He insisted she spend a couple of years of high school in Tennessee, living with a great aunt, so she could have a deeper “black experience.”
He taught her the value of volunteerism, a love for music — especially jazz — and the ability to procrastinate. “She taught me about love and how to follow through,” he says.
And never made him prouder than, when attending the University of Oregon in the mid-’80s, she joined ROTC. (He’d been an ROTC instructor at Oregon State from 1959 to 1962.)
Joelle graduated from the UO in 1986, served in Germany, earned her “airborne” wings at Fort Benning, Ga., and returned to her alma mater to teach ROTC as a major.
Twenty-two years of military service, then this out-of-the-blue idea to compete for the Mrs. Oregon title in her 40s.
She competed but didn’t win in 2007 and 2008; George didn’t attend either competition.
Joelle decided last January’s pageant would be her final shot. George told her he wasn’t coming. Said the weather was too bad, code, figured Joelle, for his disliking pageants.
She showed up at The Broadway Rose Theater in Tigard that Sunday night with little confidence; she’d even insisted her husband, Bob, stay home because she thought her chances were so poor.
But when she came on stage, she glanced at the audience. “And who’s out there, screaming his fool head off?” she says. “My dad. And there I am, grinning ear to ear.”
Her confidence buoyed, she went on to win, of course, George hooting and hollering as only a proud papa can do.
Just as the little girl on the golf course had once done for him.
Bob Welch is at 338-2354 or

Saturday, June 20, 2009

30 May 2009 Continued....The Road Less Traveled - One of the great joys in my life is traveling with my husband "bobgoodwin", as I lovingly call him. bobgoodwin would much rather travel by car than any other mode of transportation. When traveling via automobile never suggest that bobgoodwin take the interstate that would insult his inate sense of adventure. One year for a present I considered buying bobgoodwin one of those new fangled car mountable GPS kits, but the more I thought about it the more I thought that I would offend my dear husband, you see bobgoodwin claims that he has "magnetic boogers". He does not need a GPS and rarely will he use a map, and god forbid that he should have to turn around for any reason, he does not get lost. bobgoodwin's sense of direction is one of my greatest joys in life. Traveling with him is never dull and that is why this particular day is so special. We had just finished with the Starlight Parade in downtown Portland, we had to drop Daniela off at her mothers house in Beaverton/Aloha and had planned to spend the night in the Portland area and then head back to Eugene in the morning. We dropped Daniela off and figured we really didn't want to drive back to Portland to find a place to stay and we sure didn't want to stay in Aloha so thought that we would drive West just a little bit; instead of going just "a little bit West", we went from Aloha to Forest Grove, to McMinnville, to Sheridan, and we finally stopped for the night in Willamina. We tried to stay in in several cities along the way but found that there were no rooms available in any of the towns. So we spent the night in Willamina, I town I had barely heard of. When I woke up the next morning and I realized that we were only 25 miles away from where my dad lives in Lincoln City, I knew we had to go visit my dad and so we did. Then we made our way down highway 101.....oh never mind, we turned a 2 hour drive into about 15 hours, It's better if I show it to you in pictures. A side I don't ALWAYS ride arond in the car with my crown and banner BUT I am Mrs. Oregon and this was the perfect opportunity to showcase my state and all that she has to offer....

Welcome to Willamina

Welcome to Lincoln City

Friday, June 19, 2009

30 May 2009 Portland Rose Festival Starlight Parade - a Portland institution, the Starlight Parade holds memories for me. When I was a Rose Festival Princess from Lincoln High School back in 1986 I recall sitting a top a float with my fellow princesses, and having the breaks on the float go out! Imagine a group of high school girls sitting in our finery on this float which is now moving out of control down a city street. I remember lots of screaming and a few tears.. The float came to a stop without anyone getting injured, whew! Somehow we were able to continue on our way. Fast forward ....20++ years, where as Mrs. Oregon America I was asked to participate in Starlight Parade once again, this time I would help to carry the banner for Portland's beloved One More Time Around Again Band Sharing in these duties were Miss Portland Alexandria Henderson, Miss Portland's Outstanding Teen Rakiyah Johnson and Miss Oregon Earth Emma Pelett.

Reminiscing, back at Lincoln High School

Miss Portland, Miss Portland's Outstanding Teen, Mrs. Oregon

The Parade Route

Truly the Starlight Parade

Thursday, June 18, 2009

30 May 2009 Oregon Festival Choirs at Eugene Saturday Market - On this day the boys (Exit 195) and girls (Aria) a capella branches of the Oregon Festival Choirs performed on stage at the Eugene Saturday Market. The pride and joy of my life young Master Ian is a member of Exit 194 and of course he was there. I asked Ian if he minded if Mrs. Oregon attended the performance he said, "of course not Mrs. Oregon is my mom, and I thinks she's pretty cool" (big smile). So Mrs. Oregon and her two favorite guys climbed into the family car (actually it's a truck) and headed for downtown Eugene. The performance was awesome and I'm not just saying that because my baby is a member, this is truly a talented group of young men and women. Peter Robb is the director and I am always impressed by what he accomplishes with these young people. Check out their website and should you ever have the chance to see them in person don't miss it!

The crowd enjoys Aria

Yea, I'm with the "band"

Director Peter Robb

Mrs. Oregon receives a complimentary chair massage

29 May 2009 - Timeless Beauty Fashion Show - sooo....., I was in this really cool fashion show on this day. It was put on and held at the Eugene Country Club by the ladies of the club. The outfits that were worn by the models came from fashions over the centuries and were donated by the "Very Little Theater" in Eugene. We My favorite had to be the one from the 1980's, the women looked just like something out of Dynasty, it was awesome. I came out modeling for the 2000's, and actually wore my gown for the upcoming Mrs. America Pageant. They served us a wonderful lunch and all of the ladies really enjoyed the show, my mom even attended, but alas, I don't have a single picture of the event. I hope someone that was taking pictures will send some to me and when they do I will add them to this post.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

25 May 2009 - The Trip home from Moses Lake Washington to Oregon - The beautiful Pacific Northwest!!!! - I am one lucky person to live in such a beautiful place. Here are some photos taken along the way from our trip.

Holding up Mt. Hood

Beautiful Bonneville Dam
A quick stop for a snack

Our weekend home

Our young fans at the moonlight parade
Mrs. Oregon Director Libby Crawford, Mrs, Oregon, Mrs. Idaho & Mrs. Idaho Director Mandi Feely. We really did not discuss the black and white wardrobe theme

Oregon and Idaho Directors - best such good friends
Mrs. Idaho, New Mrs. Washington and Mrs. Oregon

23-25 May Mrs. Washington America Pageant - Another girls only ROAD TRIP!!! and oh what a time it was. This time Libby and I met the ladies of the Mrs. Idaho America Pageant in Moses Lake Washington for the Mrs. Washington America Pageant. But before the pageant we stopped in at one of finer restaurants in Moses Lake, Michael's on the Lake. - then it was off to the annual Moses Lake Moonlight Parade a grand spectacle of beautiful automobiles, horses, people and floats decorated in multi-colored lights from top to bottom. Afterwards we were afforded accommodations at the vacation home of Mrs. Oregon Director, Libby Crawford in Quincy, Washington. Being very tired after long drives from both Washington and Idaho we it was off to bed for our "beauty sleep". But we were all up bright and early the next day eating those healthy (and sometimes not so healthy) beauty queens breakfasts. Some of us took a walk around the neighborhood taking in all of beautiful sites of the lake, the homes, and the people. Then it was time to get ready for the BIG NIGHT. First it was an early dinner back at Michael's,then off to Moses Lake High School for the big night There was a packed house as the audience watched Mrs. Snohomish, Elizabeth Larsen was crowned Mrs. Washington 2009!!! Jessica Riggs was First Runner-up and Jamicka Jones Mrs. Fife was Mrs. Congeniality It was a great production and a beautiful group of women. After the pageant we did what has apparently become an Oregon after pageant ritual and that is going to Shari's Restaurant for Pie, milkshakes or whatever. We topped the night off by going back to Libby's and watching the DVD of the 2008 Mrs. America Pageant - what fun! We also talked a lot about what has become a favorite staple of many pageant girls Arbonne International cosmetics. But then it was late and time for us all to "hit the Hay". Then up bright and early to head in directions East and West. It was really an awesome girls weekend away.

22 May Singing the National Anthem for the Oregon Ducks Baseball Game - I sang the National Anthem for an Oregon Duck baseball game back in March and I must say that the experience was not one of my best it was a typical cold, damp Oregon day my voice just wouldn't cooperate it was something I had never experienced I guess I had never sung outside in bad weather. Well I got the chance to redeem myself in the spring. I was asked to return in May to sing my favorite song again. It was a beautiful afternoon and this time I "HIT IT". I've said it before; singing the National Anthem is not an easy thing, sometimes are better than others, but today was a good day Bobgoodwin even had the day off to join me. It was a GOOD day.

My official photographer for the day was unable to get a shot of me while singing the anthem so caught this shot of me afterwards with PK park in the background. This was the last home game of the year, as soon as the game was over they began to dismantle the temporary stadium so that they could began construction on the new state of the art stadium for next season.

After singing we roamed around the park a bit and and ran into basketball coach Ernie Kent .

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Me and My Miata

Miss Multnomah's Outstanding Teen, Mrs. Oregon, Miss Multnomah and Miss Portland before the St. Johns Parade

9 May 2009 - The Annual St. Johns Parade The theme of this year’s parade was “Great Moments in History," acknowledging Oregon's 150th birthday. The St. Johns Parade started at the corner of North Lombard Street and Burr Avenue. The procession will made its way down to North New York Avenue, and on to North Central Street. It was a beautiful day, the Rose Festival princesses were in attendance as were our beloved Royal Rosarians. Classic cars were in abundance. I was honored to be chauffeured by the one and only "Mr. Oregon", my love bobgoodwin in "Mia", my 1999 Mazda Miata.
I knew I traded that Lincoln Navigator in for a reason other than the rising gas prices. It was a fun day and the whole of the St. Johns community came out to support this wonderful event.

Mrs. Oregon gets a greeting from the 2009 Rose Festival Court

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

16 May 2009 - Mrs. Oregon takes a weekend off - Mrs. Oregon took the weekend off and so Joelle and a few high school friends took a trip to Quincy, Washington to take in a Dead Concert , the weather was beautiful, the venue was the coolest I have ever been in. The drive was fun and full of laughter. Thanks to my high school sweetheart; Bob, friends Bruce, Courtney and Scott. It was a great weekend.

Mrs. Oregon, Coach Mike Bellotti, Mrs. Lane County
9 May - on this day Mrs. Oregon, "Mr. Oregon" and Mrs. Lane County 2009 were afforded the opportunity to volunteer at the 16th annual Dinner Auction Mike Bellotti MDA in the Club Room at Autzen Stadium. The Mike Bellotti Dinner Auction included both live and silent auctions. All proceeds of the event went directly to MDA to provide services, fund research and send local children living with neuromuscular diseases to summer camp for a week. It was an awesome time and although I was only there to volunteer, Bob and I wound up winning the big live auction package of the night; a 7 day Alaskan Cruise with Royal Caribbean - Woo-Hoo!!

Former Oregon Duck Jonathan Stewart

Mr. Oregon "Bobgoodwin"