Tuesday, July 29, 2008

After all the glitz and glamour.... after all was said and done, after I left the bright lights and big city of Las Vegas behind, after the judging was done, the queen had been crowned (congratulations Gariane), I kicked off my high heels, and washed off all the make-up; the family and I loaded up the truck and took off for a 36 hour decompression session at our ranch in Central Oregon. A no frills get-away, no electricity, no running water, if you want a bath just hop in the river, my hand-made hammock makes for great naps under the warm sun. It is just what I needed after my event filled week at the Mrs. united States Beauty Pageant.
ahhh, just Joelle - just chillin'

Ian gets the fire going for lunch

My hubby doing what he likes best when at WUG...working hard

Blanche "Belle Reve" DuBois loves WUG because she can run around from end to end with no leash on - aahhh freedom.

The loves of my life Bob, Blanche and Ian (not necessarily in that order)

Ian relaxes in the ultimate hammock, handmade with love by mom

Blanche cools off in the Little Deschuets

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