Friday, July 25, 2008

CONGRATULATIONS MRS. SOUTH CAROLINA!!!!! Top 12 were as follows -
NJ, MN, SC, NC, FL, NV, AL, MS, VA, TN, MO, WV - Top 5 were - SC, NC, MN, MS,VA
I'm sorry that I did not get better photos afterwards but if you've been there you know that is can be chaotic. They really did not want us to take pictures, just the official photographer and all a girl wants to do at that point is get out of her heels and gown and get to see her family. I had no problem with the top 5 or top 12 for that matter. They all spoke well, they looked great and had "rockin" bodies. Any of them would have made great representatives as Mrs. United States. I would write more but it is after midnight and I have a plane to catch in the morning....back to OREGON!!!! When I am less tired and can think clearer perhaps I will give my thoughts on competing "at-large" in a pageant. But right now sleep is number one on my mind...

The "I"s have it

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