Monday, November 26, 2007

Join the University of Oregon and the City of Eugene as we recognize World AIDS day and the impact that this disease has had on our world.

Friday, November 30th
5pm - 6pm:
World AIDS Day Memorial CeremonyWayne Morse Plaza-Lane County Courthouse, 125 E. 8th Avenue, EugeneIncludes candlelight ceremony, address by Mayor Kitty Piercy, showing of AIDS timeline, and performance by members of "Spectrum" Lane Community College jazz ensemble6:30 pm: AIDS Art Reception Adell McMillan Gallery, Erb Memorial Union (EMU), University of Oregon Installations of "AIDS Plague" series by Clint Brown & AIDS art by Mike E. Walsh

8 pm: Condom Runway Fashion & Variety ShowEMU Ballroom, University of OregonIncludes skits, music & dance; doors open at 7:30pm
Installations/Exhibitions:Through December 1st: Clint Brown's "AIDS Plague" series Adell McMillan Galley, University of Oregon EMU

November 26 - December 1: Mike E. Walsh, AIDS InstallationEMU ConcourseNovember 26 - December 1: AIDS Memorial Pavilion & World AIDS TimelineEMU Concourse & Fountain Courtyard

Saturday, October 27, 2007

October 6, 2007 was the Mrs. Oregon America Pageant. It was agreat experience Mrs. Taryn Stasny was this years winner, I was again came in as first runner-up. What can I say, perhaps like the say the "third time will be the charm".

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It’s not about gay or straight. It’s about the people. Currently more than 1 million Americans are infected with HIV; the Human Immunodeficiency Virus and half a million have already died of AIDS or Autoimmune Deficiency Syndrome.
A handsome young man of 19 living on the streets with no where to go. He needed money to live and so he sold his body for a few dollars. With the incentive of earning $10.00 a counselor convinced him to get tested for HIV. Imagine his surprise when only days before his 20th birthday he found that he was HIV positive. It’s not about gay or straight it’s about our youth.
Despite large increases in reported AIDS cases over the last few years most Americans believe the HIV/AIDS epidemic is over with in the United States, that our AIDS epidemic has been controlled and contained. The truth is otherwise. HIV is not going away, and it’s not being confined to high risk groups. In recent years HIV/AIDS has gained a lot of ground fast, making serious in roads along the hidden fault lines in our society. A new surge of HIV is on its way that will be much worse than the first wave in the 1980’s. The United States has the most severe HIV epidemic of any developed country. We are not immune.
She is 97 years old a mother, a grandmother, a great grandmother. She lives in New York and because of a program at her church she took an HIV test, she found she was positive. It’s not about gay or straight, it’s about the senior citizen.
Thirty-five years ago, you couldn’t find an American with the virus. Now AIDS is in more communities than McDonald’s, KFC and Wal-mart put together, as ubiquitous as the hidden and illegal behaviors it depends on to spread. AIDS is everywhere, from New York to the most remote islands off of the Alutians, in Texas border towns and Native American reservations and yes right here in Eugene, Oregon. The infection has crept in to every age group, effects families in every corner of out Nation. AIDS is infecting all the branches of our American family tree and seeping into its roots. It’s not about gay or straight, it’s about Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Great Falls, Tucson, Minneapolis, Birmingham, Chattanooga, Chicago, Dayton, Detroit, Philadelphia, Manhattan, Newark, Baltimore, Miami and every city in between.
He’s 80 now and enjoying a full life, retired and living on the Oregon Coast. He raised two wonderful, successful kids, but something is missing; children are supposed to outlive their parents, parents aren’t supposed to have to bury their kids. It’s not about gay or straight, it’s about a fathers love.
AIDS is the worst epidemic the world has ever known. It will soon become the worst epidemic the United States will ever know, yet it is virtually ignored by most Americans, their doctors and our government because it has been deliberately identified with “problem populations”. Since it was identified in the mid-1980’s, it has killed 37 million people. More than 40 million people are now infected, 14,000 each day. There is no cure. There is no vaccine. The problem is in our heartland, our homeland, and the center of our soul as more Americans take their place in the family portrait painted by HIV. It’s not about gay or straight it’s about our mothers, our fathers, sisters and brothers. The profile of the typical American with AIDS has changed drastically since the epidemic began. In the early years homosexuality and drug use were the key driving factors. It’s not about gay or straight, it’s about being responsible for the ones you love and the ones with which you are making love.
Tall, handsome, a real honey-dip”, he swept her off of her feet. He was flowers, expensive dinners; in six months they were married. 2 years later she learned the love of her life had full blown AIDS. It’s not about gay or straight, it’s about love, trust and the truth.
History tells us that epidemics last a long time. HIV/AIDS will be around for at least the next 200 or 300 years. The trajectory of HIV/AIDS growth that started in the late 1980’s will continue until the middle of the twenty-first century, with peaks and valleys occurring at different times on different continents. Then after a long plateau there will be a long drop and AIDS will stabilize worldwide at a lower level and be with us permanently as an epidemic, chronic disease. His name is Scott C. Rankins an artistic man with a bright future, handsome with a devilish grin. He lived a carefree life surrounded by people who loved and adored him. He died at age 40 of AIDS. It’s not about gay or straight, it’s about my brother. It’s not about gay or straight it’s about you, you, you, you, you …and you.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Junior Miss Black Oregon Pageant - I do believe that it was 1974, maybe 1975. It was my first beauty pageant, and my father encouraged me to enter, it wasn't a horrible experience, but I guess I was sad that I did not win, but I did get 2nd runner-up. I think this was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Portland near the Lloyd Center. Ah to be young again.........

Saturday, September 01, 2007

GAME DAY - Today "kicked off" the University of Oregon's football season with an exciting game against the University of Houston Cougars. The bottom line is that the day ended with a 48-27 victory with the ducks over the Cougars, but more than the game ending up in the win column it was a special day for me because I was asked to be one of the "guest coaches" for the day. A program that the Athletic Department has to ensure that folks don't forget that the main reason for the athletes being at the University is to get an education. We were able to have breakfast with the players and the coaches, we hung out in the locker room before the game and we got the awesome opportunity of running through the tunnel and onto the field with the team. The noise from the stadium is like nothing you've ever heard before. We got to stand on the side lines throughout the game and had a nice lunch in one of the club rooms at half-time. After the game we ran back to the locker room with the team and heard the coach give a post game talk. I took over 150 photographs and probably would have taken more if my camera had not started acting up.....Here are just a few.

Going through the tunnel

Coach Belotti on his way out to the field

Ducky does push-ups for every point made by Oregon

It was a hot day in the high 80's, so they had the misting machine on.

Oregon's star quarterback Dennis Dixon and Mrs. Eugene at the pre-game meal. Dennis is my son's favorite player and a heck of a nice guy.
Game Day Guest Coaches on their way to Autzen Stadium

Today was pom-pom day. The photo is of 60 or so thousand pom-poms placed on every seat in Autzen stadium before the crowd arrived.

Ian and I on the field

Tailgate Auction 2007 -

Well once again I was blessed to have been a part of the University of Oregon/Springfield Chamber of Commerce Annual Tailgate Auction. This year was even more exciting than last years for me as not only was I there as Mrs. Eugene and supporting the Alumni Association, but I also donated my 2005 Harley Davidson Sportster 883 to be auctioned off. I hated getting rid of it, but being as I bought it brand new in 2005 and to date it only had 535 miles on it, I decided it was time to give it up. My husband doesn't ride and I spend most of my days driving my 12 year old from one after school activity to another and the bike sits lonely in my garage gathering dust. So as sad as it was to let it go, the good news is that it was auctioned off to a good home, and the money will go to a good cause.

There were other highlights to the evening; As many of you may or may not know, Springfield was almost the town that held the premier of the Simpson's movie this year. Well a couple of the auction items came from the Simpson's including several movie posters and the Simpson's sofa set. Everyone had a great time having their photo taken on the sofa. And Ian bid (using my my name) on the Simpson's poster. In the end he did not win the poster, but a very kind man who did win the poster actually gave it to Ian. THANK-YOU!!!!

Of course Coach Mike Belotti popped into give a pep quick talk to the sea of Duck football supporters and wherever the coach goes so does our beloved mascot Ducky.

It was a great evening and was only made better by the fact that I was able to share it with my family. This year not only was my husband there, but also my mom and my "Official Photographer" aka my son Ian, it was a great time.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

August 18th was a busy day for me and for my fellow Mrs. Oregon America contestants. My day started the night before as I returned from a business trip in Virginia late Friday night, weary and jet-lagged I got up at 0600 Saturday morning to make the 2 hour drive to Portland for the Mrs. Oregon America workshop. The workshop is conducted each year for a number of reasons; to allow the ladies to get to know one another (there are 9 of us this year), to turn in all of the necessary paperwork to be in the pageant and to talk about things like, wardrobe, make-up, walking correctly on stage, judges interviews and in general what pageant day will be like. The workshop was held at the Best Western Motel in Sunnyside (Portland), afterwards some of the ladies had dinner at one of the Pageant's sponsors Hoda's Middle Eastern Cuisine restaurant 3401 S.E. Belmont Then it was off to Mrs. Oregon America's official send-off party. The pageant contestants, family and friends of Mrs. Kimberly Takla descended on her home in S.W. Portland for the opportunity to see her beautiful pageant wardrobe, eat good food and to wish her well as she heads to Tucson, Arizona this week for the Mrs. America Pageant You can keep up with Kim and her time in Tucson by viewing her blog at GOOD LUCK KIM - We know you will do Oregon proud!!!

Mrs. Southern Oregon, Mrs. Eugene, Mrs. Clackamas County
are joined by Hoda owner and head chef of Hoda's Middle Eastern Cuisine
in Portland. They are a sponsor for the Mrs. Oregon
America Pageant. The food is wonderful!!

The murals on the walls at Hoda's are beautiful, I guess
you can't quite tell since we are standing in front of it, but
trust me they really are pretty.

Domestic Diva's - Kim Takla - Mrs. Oregon America and her best friend
Tamara Wissbaum - Mrs. Oregon International make coffee for guests
at Kim's Mrs. America send off party on 18 August.

Mrs. Eugene, Mrs. Rose City and Mrs. Multnomah Co.
at the Mrs. Oregon America send-off party

Mrs. Oregon Kim Takla is joined by the 2008 Mrs. Oregon contestants at the Mrs. Oregon Send off party 18 August 07.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Scott Christian Rankins is my brother and I miss him terribly. Scottie died at 40 years of age. I miss him for totally selfish reasons. I miss him because he has not been here to give me his opinion on anything! Scott was always good for giving his opinion on my clothes, my boyfriends, my jobs, he missed my wedding!! He has missede my life in general and though I think I have managed well over the past few years without Scott, I think it would be very comforting to have him with me. Scottie died from AIDS in 2001, it does not bother me to tell people my families story of dealing with AIDS in our life. It does not bother me, because I want everyone to know, young, middle aged, and old that AIDS is still a threat in our world. I want everyone to know about it, to understand it and to protect themselves. No one is immune from this disease. We all need to educate ourselves, our children, our parents, our friends. Education, Compassion, and research to find a cure. Scott was/is my best friend he is not here physically for me to talk to, but I do talk to him. Please join me and my family in this fight against AIDS. Act, ask questions, get tested, know your status, be aware. Don't be like Scottie, don't leave this world before your time.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

San Diego Padres Mascot "Friar", Mrs. Eugene and THE best mascot The University of Oregon 's Donald Duck at the Eugene Emerald's baseball game August 2007

Singing our Nations Anthem -

The National Anthem Project just happens to be a major partner with the Mrs. America Pageant, the National Anthem and the Mrs. America Program also just happen to be two organizations that are near and dear to my heart. I was singing the National Anthem at numerous venues before I became Mrs. Eugene, but now my title has given me more confidence and more opportunity to sing the song, the Anthem that is known so well around the world. The Anthem that lets the world know where I am from and who we are and what we stand for. This was never more apparent to me than last year as I stood in Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square during the National Anthem Project's visit to our fair state as a group of "anarchists", protesters burned our Nation's symbol, the "Stars and Stripes", while citizens sang the National Anthem. The sight truly pissed me off, so much so that it brought tears to my eyes. To think that I have spent 20 years in the United States Army doing what I think is right to defend our Nations freedom, the sight truly irritated me. But then I reminded myself that if it were not for the freedom that we enjoy in this country, those 18 and 19 year old people burning the flag of the United States on the ground would not just be standing there and laughing, but they would probably be carted off to jail (in any other country). So as the tears streamed down my face and as I stood before an audience of complete unknowns I sang the Star Spangled Banner as I had never sung it before. Each time I am able to sing it again, it has more and more meaning to me, as it did in the photos here on August 12th during a Eugene Emeralds baseball game. I enjoy singing as many of my friends know, but I do't know any song, I don't enjoy singing any song more than I do the United States National Anthem.

Singing the Anthem June 2006 at Pioneer Courthouse Square Portland, Oregon

Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Oregon Country Fair - 38 years of world class entertainment, hand-made crafts, delectable foods, educational displays and magical surprises at every turn of the path. Located in a wooded setting, 13 miles west of Eugene near Veneta, Oregon, an unforgettable adventure.

It really was very interesting I had heard stories of people walking through the forest partially clad, or just plain nude, know we didn't see anyone that was competely nude but there were ladies walking around in full body paint. The music was great, and the food was..... well, like WOW!!! We had a great fruit plate from the Ring of Fire restaurant, but I guess you go there for the people and the costumes and we were far from disappointed by what we saw.

Friday, August 03, 2007

An Officer and a Beauty Queen
Portland native Joelle Rankins Goodwin will vie for the title of Mrs. Oregon, a statewide pageant for married women, held this October in Clackamas.

By Sarah Blount The Portland Observer
Portland native supplements army career with pageantry. Joelle Rankins Goodwin has spent most of her career as a military intelligence officer in the United States Army, but none of that prepared her for her first experience parading in front of 200 people while wearing a swimsuit.From soldier to assistant professor at the University of Oregon to beauty queen, this Major focused her sights on winning the title Mrs. Oregon 2008 - a statewide competition for married women taking place this October in Clackamas. Goodwin, 43, a former Rose Festival princess from Lincoln High School, currently holds the title of Mrs. Eugene America 2007. She says it took guts to join the pageant life."Entering into a pageant is kind of like being an athlete and training yourself," she said. "I think it takes a lot of courage just to get up on the stage. It takes confidence, and that's not something I'm lacking."While it may seem unusual for a Major to compete as a beauty queen, Goodwin says military affiliations are not uncommon in the pageantry world. "I'm surprised with how many people are associated with the military," she said. "You find a lot of respect for military members."Goodwin has been married three years to her husband Bob. Between the pair they have three children: Ian, 12, Daniela, 10 and Sam, 17.Last year, Goodwin came very close to winning the title of Mrs. Oregon 2007, until she reached the obligatory onstage interview portion. That's the part of the pageant where contestants must think quickly on their feet to answer an open-ended question. "If you could be president for a day," the interviewer asked, "what would you do?" Goodwin said that being president didn't mean waving a magic wand to make war and sickness go away."I'd take my day to enjoy the White House and take it all in," she answered.But in the end, her response was no match for the following contestant, who Goodwin said gave an answer that was spot-on. Contestant Kimberly Takla said she'd wave the so-called wand anyway, magically making sickness and war go away. Sickness did not go away that evening, but Takla did become Mrs. Oregon 2007. Goodwin finished as first runner-up. Having been bested by magic, Goodwin is trying for the crown and banner again for the 2008 title. This time she is preparing by sculpting her body with the help of a personal trainer and honing her interview skills through a membership with Toastmasters International. Toastmasters, a club where you make speeches to be critiqued by fellow members. Goodwin and her husband joined the UO branch in January, where she's been working on limiting the "uh" factor in her speeches. "I feel even more confident this year," she said. If she succeeds in winning the Mrs. Oregon title, Goodwin will then take an expenses-paid trip to Nationals. After that, she may get to represent married women throughout the world. Goodwin has another reason to aspire for the domestic and international titles. "I'm not sure there has ever been a woman of color to win Mrs. Oregon, and I don't think there's ever been an African American Mrs. America," she said. "I'd love to be the first."This year's Mrs. Oregon pageant takes place Saturday, Oct. 6 at Clackamas High School.

Copyright 2004, Portland Observer

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Always willing to try something new..... The other day I went with my personal trainer (PT) Jack to a Yoga class. He had been a couple of times before and talked me into attending with him, but I'm thinking he should have given me more information. For some reason I had the impression that the class would be one hour, it was an hour and a half. I read the piece of paper that said the temperature of the room would be set at 104' degrees, but I guess it didn't dawn on me how hot that was, and how hot that is to actually move in and do physical activity in. Think back to how you felt attending your first aerobics class or jazz dance class, that whole uncoordinated thing, now imagine feeling that awkwardness at 104 degrees for an hour and a half. When I walked out of the building I was truly drenched in sweat like I never have been before, not even after running in a marathon. It was god awful!! I thought I was going to die, but of course I didn't, I lived through it and actually went back for a second class, now I need to take the plunge and go back for the third, I'm trying to convince myself that I am truly getting something out of contorting my body into unnatural positions while sweating like the proverbial pig.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Pageant Girls Life....

I have my father to blame for this thing I call the pageant craze. It all began in the 4th grade it was 1974. Dad signed me up as a contestant in the Junior Miss Black Oregon Pageant, so what did this mean? Well it meant having a gown made, it meant learning how to curtsey just so, it meant that my parents had to sit nervously in the audience and watch as their younger child took the stage for the first time to sing Summertime, I found out years later that my mentor (dad) left and went to the bathroom when I got ready to sing, because he was so nervous…but he had prepared me well. I entered the Junior Miss Black Oregon Pageant 2 years in a row I didn’t win either time. But the bottom line is that I had been bitten - I had the pageant bug. In those days pageants were not quite as prevalent as they are today so, I lived vicariously through the television and the Miss America Pageants. Each year Miss America fell ominously during an annual party that my parents attended at the Hickerson’s home. Lori their daughter was my pageant-watching buddy. We watched the show on TV in the Hickerson’s living room - as the parade of beauties went by we picked our favorites. It was not until my senior year at Lincoln High School that I had my next opportunity at pageant glory. First was the race for homecoming queen - it was simple; there was no parading across the stage, no gowns, no swimsuits. Students were to choose from 5 senior girls, I won homecoming queen that year. Again, I had that pageant bug and I wanted more, I wanted a crown. Oh sure I had my homecoming tiara, but I wanted the real deal, a full blown crown, like in Miss America. So I set my sights on the Miss Portland Scholarship pageant. Then I tried the Miss Oregon USA pageant. I have one fairly vivid memory of Miss Oregon USA; I was just getting ready to go out on stage in my very sexy swimsuit, I remember it well, it was a white tank suit of mesh material it had white flowers strategically located. Just as I was going to step out, the girl behind me said, “oh my gosh, you have a huge zit on your ass!” What could I do? I strolled out on stage as if I owned the world. I didn’t win Miss Portland or Miss Oregon USA, I didn’t even place, but if you have a good attitude about these things you learn to say, “I had a good time, I learned something about myself, and I did the best that I could.” Then it was on to the next competition. The Portland Rose Festival was fast approaching. I was chosen as Lincoln High School’s Rose Princess for 1982 and served proudly and with honor but alas all I got was the tiara (and at that they crowned me and then took it away for next years winner), but I did not get the crown of all crowns the one that most every Portland girl dreams of wearing, the crown that dubs her the “Queen of Rosaria”. It is a special crown with a lot of history, it’s made of gold and rubies, and it has been apart of the Rose Festival for 100 years; it is kept under a lock and key. In 1982 the coveted title went to Leslie Carlson of Cleveland High School. At that point I figured my pageant years were over that is at least until I got married and could compete in the Mrs. America pageant. You see the pageant age for Miss America and Miss USA is from about 17 to 24. With no man in sight to marry and college on the horizon, my dreams of winning a pageant crown were put on the back burner. In 1986 I graduated from the University of Oregon and went on to start my life as an Officer in the United States Army. I figured, as most would that pageantry and the Army were not a good mix, but boy was I wrong; I arrived at my first duty station in Herzogenaurach Germany, I wasn’t there 6 months when I saw the call for contestants in the Ms. Nurnberg beauty pageant. Not only does the Army and pageantry mix, this pageant was for Army women and the wives of Army personnel. With a sequins gown, and a dramatic interpretation I took the title of Ms. Nurnberg. I felt a great sense of satisfaction, but this was still no Miss America and my crown once again was a very small tiara. Let’s fast forward 20 years to 2003, I was 39 years old had a nine year old son and there was still no man in my life, I had all but forgotten my dream, visions of tiaras and crowns dancing in my head. Then prince charming walked back into my life. I say back because Bob Goodwin had been my high school sweetheart, I had not seen him in at least 20 years, our coming together is another story in itself, which I will save for another time. But Bob and I married and immediately my dream was back, oh sure by now I was forty years old and my body sure wasn’t what it used to be, but I took the plunge anyway, I was living in Birmingham, Alabama I decided to try out for the Mrs. Alabama United States pageant, So I went for Mrs. Alabama United States, but didn’t even make the top 10. Again I told myself I had done my best, besides I really wasn’t in to it, I mean I’m not from Alabama, I’m an Oregonian. I returned to Oregon last year, and before I had even stepped foot in the state I had paid my fees to the Mrs. Oregon America pageant and claimed the title of Mrs. Eugene America 2007. On October 6th 2006, I came closer to my pageant happiness than I ever had in my life, I was 1st runner-up to Mrs. Portland Kimberly Takla who oh by the way won Miss Oregon USA when I was a contestant back in 1986. Once again I hold the title of Mrs. Eugene and will vie for the title of Mrs. Oregon 2008. If I haven’t made myself clear as to why winning a crown is so important to me please allow me to quickly elaborate; winning a crown was always very important to me, but now its for very different reasons, yes I still love the limelight but being in a pageant for me is like being and athlete, we train and we train some more to do our best, look our best, be the best. It’s about family, it’s about community and community service, I have traveled all over the world, I have seen many beautiful places but in the end the place that I love the place that I want to be an ambassador for and show off to the world is the great state of Oregon, it is what I know, it is what I love and it is what I want to win a crown for.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My new pageant sisters and I got together for the Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland on the 6th of July. We were allowed the opportunity to volunteer in suport of the Oregon Food Bank. Not only was it was worthy cause but it was a great time and we heard some great music.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Is this anyway for a beauty queen to live? well I guess it is if she just happens to be a Major in the United States Army, like me. So here I am spending another summer at Fort Lewis, Washington. Living in old World War II Barracks, that need to be, that should be and some have been condemned. the photos are not actually from Fort Lewis, but they may as well be, the "temporary" WWII barracks looks the same at Military bases all across the United States. So how did I get so lucky as to spend thirty plus days at this vacation spot? It is all a part of being an Army ROTC instructor, we all get our chance to each summer to train ROTC Cadets at Fort Lewis. Don't get me wrong the rest of Fort Lewis is just beautiful, they just stick us temporary folks in these temporary buildings. I've tried to explain that I have this beauty regime that just does not go along with living in a room that is smaller than my college dorm room, that living in the 80 degree heat without air conditioning is doing nothing for my complexion, that only having a community microwave oven to cook my food in is doing nothing for my strict Weight-Watchers diet, the one thing that I am getting plenty of is exercise, running here, walking there, riding my bike over there etc. I complain only because I can laugh at it all, after 21 years in the Army, I've seen plenty and lived in worse, besides that, I say that there are worse places I could be, I think about my brothers and sisters who are "living" in Iraq and Afghanistan, in tents in 120 degree heat, sucking the sand into there lungs day in and day out, and worrying if they will be the next ones to drive by that IED. Then I sit back and say"this just isn't that bad". Beauty Queen? sometimes; Soldier?

Monday, June 04, 2007

RED BULL GIVES YOU WINGS - yes I admit it, Red Bull is my new not so secret love. But I'm not addicted to it or at least I don't think I am. I am very particular about how and when I drink my Red Bull. I first fell for "the Bull" about 2 years ago, now I tend to be sort of sensitive to caffeine so I knew I had to be careful, I found the 8.3 Fluid ounce can to be just perfect for me, not too much and not too little. I sip my Red Bull slowly, and savour the flavor of it. Now my husband just doesn't get it, he would pump coffee in through his veins if he could, but does not get the appeal of Red Bull, he does not understand my love for "the Bull", he thinks that it tastes like cough syrup. Cough syrup? Ha! Yes it is my elixir, my nectar of which I look forward to each morning. Usually I drink one and only one and not the first thing in the morning, but long about 9:00 AM, that is unless I am starting our at a particularly early and ungodly hour, then I will have 2 Red Bull. I have also found that if I am traveling for long distances by car (more than 2 hours) I will indulge in 2 Red Bull. BUT no more than 2. If I have had more than 2 I am done for the day, I can't think straight and feel as if I have a hang-over, therefore I have over indulged I have loved my Red Bull way too much. People often kid me about the blue and silver can that they see me carrying around and ask me if I've got it mixed with some alcoholic beverage the drink of choice I guess Red Bull and vodka or Red Bull and Jagermeister. So I gave it a try (in the evening of course)......eeeewwww GROSS!!!! Don't try to mix my Red Bull with anything, nothing, it is what it is, and needs no altering. I am so excited I have a coupon for $8.00 off of a case of Red Bull at Costco which for me means 30 (or so) days of pure unadulterated pleasure. I open my refrigerator each morning and eye each bottle, I look at them with shear pleasure and know that they are there for me each day to get me started to do as the side of the can says "supply my tired mind and exhausted body with vital substances that have been lost". Yes, Red Bull you are there for me. But I can quit you anytime....really I can.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

I am such a slacker. I haven't been here in ages, now I turn around and the whole reason for originally publishing this blog is almost upon me remember the pageant! Mrs. Oregon America is just 4 months away. I have spent the last 8 months gearing up for it. Let's see I've joined Toastmaster's International to hone my public speaking skills, I've been running my ass off, completed the Inaugural Eugene Marathon a month ago, have spent the last six weeks working out with a personal trainer (love you Jack), I have reached my GOAL weight with Weight Watchers losing a total of 30 pounds and I got braces put on my teeth!!! Can you imagine, this is the 2nd time around for that. I've even started on my wardrobe, I've got my gown, shoes and interview suit. I will be ready come October 6th 2007. Will you?

Monday, March 26, 2007

Running in the Footsteps of Legends is the theme for the inaugural Eugene Marathon. As I count down the weeks and days (33 days to be exact) to the marathon, I often think to myself, "why am I doing this"? Do I really want to run in the "footsteps of legends"? That thought is especially at the forefront of my mind on Saturday mornings as I go for my "long run", with the group at the Eugene Running Company. It all starts on Friday night as I lay out the clothes that I will put on for the morning run, shorts or tights; jacket or no jacket; will I need sunglasses? When I roll out of bed at 0600 on Saturday (I think why am I doing this?) I remind myself that I must "fuel up my body", ordinarily I would not eat before I run, but on this day I decide to try something new, I eat a banana and a bagel before I go, I pop my pain preventative Motrin and I am out the door. This past Saturday I ran for just shy of 3 hours, about 18 miles. As I slog along I do wonder to myself why? As my Achilles tendon starts to ache, as my knees start to give out, I ask myself "am i too old to do this"? On this particular Saturday the woman who has become my running partner (Eileen) on these long runs is out of town. I am pretty good at talking and keeping whomever I am running withs mind off of the fact that we are running for an hour or more, but I knew that Eileen wasn't going to be around and though I could have paired up with someone else for company on the run, I decided to bring my MP3 player along instead, to keep me company. In the end I felt pretty good.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Miss Oregon America Send-off Party - Today we held a send off party for Donilee McGinnis Miss Oregon America 2006. This years pageant will be held in Las Vegas and televised on CMT on 29 January. Donilee and genuinely beautiful young lady inside and out will do well. Ian tagged along with me for today's event. Read about Donilee and her platform at he Miss Oregon web-site read more about all the ladies competing in the Miss America Pageant at -
Good Luck Donilee we are rooting for you.