Saturday, July 19, 2008

On my way to Las Vegas for the Mrs. United States Pageant!!! Sitting here in a hotel not far from the airport, I'm a little bit lonely, but also enjoying a bit of solitude. I leave in the morning for Las Vegas and the Mrs. United States Pageant. I am traveling with more clothing than I think I ever have in my life. I have to full size suitcases weighing in at about 40 pounds each, just under the 50 pound weight limit; it's crazy. I never did count how many pairs of shoes I packed but it is about 5 maybe 6, 2 evening gowns, three swimsuits, 2 suits, three cocktail dresses, enough make-up for to last a year, 6 or so pairs of earrings, workout clothes, more lingerie than I will wear in a month...... and even with all that I am sure to have forgotten something! But this will be easy, I am looking forward to an enjoyable, and fun filled week, with ladies from across the United States.

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