Sunday, June 01, 2008

TOO LONG - It has been all too long since I visited my blog, unbelievably long, and so here I am back to talk..... about what? Let's see do I have anything to talk about? I'm getting ready to retire from the Army, (well in a few months anyway), I am once again at my home away from home - Fort Lewis, Washington - for 6 weeks, and oh yeah I am going to be in another beauty pageant! The Mrs. United States Pageant to be held 20 -25 July in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am being really low key about the whole thing because hyping myself up in the past has not gotten me the crown. So for now I am working on my game face. I'm in the gym, getting my diet right and just trying to Chill out. If it was meant to be it will come to me. So perhaps I will dedicate my blog this summer to just taking it easy......Everything is JUST DUCKY!!!!