Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Mrs Oregon/Major Goodwin's ride for the week

John Washington CEO Flossin Media, Mrs. Oregon, Olympic Gold Medalist Al Joyner

13-15 May The ROLE MODEL SUMMIT - The Role Model Summit was put on by John Washington and Flossin Media, sponsored by the United States Army. I was honored to be asked to be a part of the "Summit ", as Major Goodwin and Mrs. Oregon I was afforded the opportunity to speak to Portland area high school students about positive life choices. There were about 8 speakers, including Portland Trail Blazers basketball President Larry Miller, one of the original founders of Nike Shoes Geoff Hollister, and Olympic gold medalist Al Joyner. How did Mrs. Oregon get in with these prominent Americans? I am still asking myself that question. Each of us spoke about different things that we found important in our lives. I chose to speak about finding a positive role model. My father is the role model and mentor of my life, I tried to impress upon them to find a POSITIVE role model, someone that is real and close to home, a parent, a teacher, someone that is doing things to make the world a better place. I am indebted to John and Washington and Flossin Media for this awesome opportunity. Check out Flossin at http://www.flossinmedia.com/.

MG Dan Hitchcock, Mrs. Oregon, MG Curt Loop

Reynolds High School "Flossin Crew"

Major Goodwin & Portland Trail Blazers President Larry Miller

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