Wednesday, June 17, 2009

22 May Singing the National Anthem for the Oregon Ducks Baseball Game - I sang the National Anthem for an Oregon Duck baseball game back in March and I must say that the experience was not one of my best it was a typical cold, damp Oregon day my voice just wouldn't cooperate it was something I had never experienced I guess I had never sung outside in bad weather. Well I got the chance to redeem myself in the spring. I was asked to return in May to sing my favorite song again. It was a beautiful afternoon and this time I "HIT IT". I've said it before; singing the National Anthem is not an easy thing, sometimes are better than others, but today was a good day Bobgoodwin even had the day off to join me. It was a GOOD day.

My official photographer for the day was unable to get a shot of me while singing the anthem so caught this shot of me afterwards with PK park in the background. This was the last home game of the year, as soon as the game was over they began to dismantle the temporary stadium so that they could began construction on the new state of the art stadium for next season.

After singing we roamed around the park a bit and and ran into basketball coach Ernie Kent .

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