Saturday, September 01, 2007

GAME DAY - Today "kicked off" the University of Oregon's football season with an exciting game against the University of Houston Cougars. The bottom line is that the day ended with a 48-27 victory with the ducks over the Cougars, but more than the game ending up in the win column it was a special day for me because I was asked to be one of the "guest coaches" for the day. A program that the Athletic Department has to ensure that folks don't forget that the main reason for the athletes being at the University is to get an education. We were able to have breakfast with the players and the coaches, we hung out in the locker room before the game and we got the awesome opportunity of running through the tunnel and onto the field with the team. The noise from the stadium is like nothing you've ever heard before. We got to stand on the side lines throughout the game and had a nice lunch in one of the club rooms at half-time. After the game we ran back to the locker room with the team and heard the coach give a post game talk. I took over 150 photographs and probably would have taken more if my camera had not started acting up.....Here are just a few.

Going through the tunnel

Coach Belotti on his way out to the field

Ducky does push-ups for every point made by Oregon

It was a hot day in the high 80's, so they had the misting machine on.

Oregon's star quarterback Dennis Dixon and Mrs. Eugene at the pre-game meal. Dennis is my son's favorite player and a heck of a nice guy.
Game Day Guest Coaches on their way to Autzen Stadium

Today was pom-pom day. The photo is of 60 or so thousand pom-poms placed on every seat in Autzen stadium before the crowd arrived.

Ian and I on the field

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