Monday, June 04, 2007

RED BULL GIVES YOU WINGS - yes I admit it, Red Bull is my new not so secret love. But I'm not addicted to it or at least I don't think I am. I am very particular about how and when I drink my Red Bull. I first fell for "the Bull" about 2 years ago, now I tend to be sort of sensitive to caffeine so I knew I had to be careful, I found the 8.3 Fluid ounce can to be just perfect for me, not too much and not too little. I sip my Red Bull slowly, and savour the flavor of it. Now my husband just doesn't get it, he would pump coffee in through his veins if he could, but does not get the appeal of Red Bull, he does not understand my love for "the Bull", he thinks that it tastes like cough syrup. Cough syrup? Ha! Yes it is my elixir, my nectar of which I look forward to each morning. Usually I drink one and only one and not the first thing in the morning, but long about 9:00 AM, that is unless I am starting our at a particularly early and ungodly hour, then I will have 2 Red Bull. I have also found that if I am traveling for long distances by car (more than 2 hours) I will indulge in 2 Red Bull. BUT no more than 2. If I have had more than 2 I am done for the day, I can't think straight and feel as if I have a hang-over, therefore I have over indulged I have loved my Red Bull way too much. People often kid me about the blue and silver can that they see me carrying around and ask me if I've got it mixed with some alcoholic beverage the drink of choice I guess Red Bull and vodka or Red Bull and Jagermeister. So I gave it a try (in the evening of course)......eeeewwww GROSS!!!! Don't try to mix my Red Bull with anything, nothing, it is what it is, and needs no altering. I am so excited I have a coupon for $8.00 off of a case of Red Bull at Costco which for me means 30 (or so) days of pure unadulterated pleasure. I open my refrigerator each morning and eye each bottle, I look at them with shear pleasure and know that they are there for me each day to get me started to do as the side of the can says "supply my tired mind and exhausted body with vital substances that have been lost". Yes, Red Bull you are there for me. But I can quit you anytime....really I can.

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