Friday, September 01, 2006

Crazy He Calls Me- My son called me crazy, my pezo, partner in crime and craziness for 11 years. He actually said, "I think my mother has lost her mind". Well maybe I have but I had fun doing it. But I live in Eugene, Oregon now and I have been hit with the fever...DUCK FEVER and last night at the University of Oregon Tailgater Auction it struck me how excited I am for football season to start tomorrow. How excited am I? So excited that I came home with a fire hydrant. Yes, a real like 200 pound fire hydrant painted green and yellow. And so the next logical question was, "so where are we going to put this fire hydrant?" Well in the front yard of course, I was planning to wheel it out on game days and keep it in my "Duck room" at other times but it really is heavy, it may just stay where it is. So when you come to visit, you won't have any problem finding my house, it's the one with the green and yellow fire hydrant in front if it. Geeeezzz, I love Oregon.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Would it be a problem if I accidentally painted it black and orange?

lisajoelle said...

Are you trying to give me a heart attack!!!!! No Way!!!!!
Actually there were 4 hydrants to choose from.... 3 different sizes the 4th hydrant was painted in black and orange just to show what cordial and even tempered Ducks we are.

Lisa W. said...

I think Ian had it correct... You are crazy it should be black and red!! GO BIG RED!