Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bright and Early - Well getting moving first thing in the morning is quite helpful. I was up at 0600 (that's 6AM), now if I could only do that on a regular basis. In a week or so I won't have much choice, going back to work will force me to be up by 0530. I enjoyed a quick but scenic bike ride this morning to the small town of Coburg, population 969, so the sign says as you enter into town. The scenery was beautiful, but the traffic really sucks, riding on a main road between Eugene and Coburg, it was rush hour, and the cars and big trucks just zoomed by. Sometimes I feel like cars are betting as to how close they can get to me on my bike without actually knocking me over. I mean most cars will guide out to the middle of the road and around a cyclist, but then there are those who just plain and simply swerve right towards me and my bike. I try not to take it personally, I give people the benefit of the doubt, perhaps they were just changing the radio station or picking something up off of the floor, maybe they are staring at my wide butt up on that bicycle seat in amazement, I'm not sure what it is, but I sure wish the cars would stay in their lane, and I will stay in mine. I kind of like my wide butt and the legs attached to it, so I'd like to leave them in tact, I don't think tire tread marks across my legs will look very good up on stage in a swimsuit. Well did I get off on a tangent? I was talking about the town of Coburg, population 969. It's a small and I do suppose historic town in someway, with lots of antique shops, a pizza parlor/video store and really, really nice and modern looking fire station that seemed kind of out of place. I knew my ride would be short as Coburg is only about 7 miles outside of Eugene, so I road through town to add a few miles. The next town beyond is Harrisburg, (12 miles more), I didn't ride all the way in to Harrisburg, because I knew I had too much to do today, but I did turn around and on my way back stopped for a Chai Tea at a cute little coffee shop in Coburg. I really needed because apparently it wasn't even 50 degrees this morning and I was feeling it, my hands were frozen. So the day is off to a good start, it is going on 10:00 and I feel as if I have accomplished something. Now it is down to the business of putting the house together and getting ready for tonight's auction.

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