Friday, January 13, 2012

I felt My Heart Breaking

Anderson gives me a big Oregon "O"

He has touched my heart
I had no idea I would react this way to the kids coming in for treatment.  I knew when Anderson came in on Tuesday that he was special, he is just a big goofy kid that likes to give a show, he has boundless energy and an infectious smile, he doesn't talk but you know when he is happy.  Dr, David was very sure that he could improve Anderson's quality of life by taking his fused hands and giving him thumbs.  We had to remember that we are not in the United States and sometimes getting what we need is not always possible.  It took two days to get the correct x-rays of Anderson's hands to see if the surgery was possible and then once we got them it still wasn't clear as to what we were looking at.  It was assessed that the hospital may or may no
t have all of the instruments that are needed to conduct the the right and left thumb syndactle release...a certain sort of saw, wire and all kinds of other things that I can't remember or pronounce.  The decision was made to NOT do Anderson's surgery.  My heart sank, I wanted to cry and I did.  I couldn't even bring myself to go onto the ward to say goodbye to Anderson as I left for the day, but in the end I did.  He clowned around for me like he always does and I gave him a rubber duck.  While there the doctors were conferring about the case.  All is not lost they may still attempt the surgery tomorrow.  I am praying that they can get everything that they need to perform the surgery.

Sebastian 24 hours after surgery
Sebastian had a cleft lip and palate surgery therefore must remain in the hospital for one more day.  He appeared to be in quite a bit of pain but I did get a very small smile from him.  I am sure he will be up and about tomorrow.
Veronica Celebrates her 74th birthday
Yesterday Veronica at 73 years old had cleft lip surgery, today she turned 74. Many of the ROTAPLAST Team went to see her and sing happy birthday to her. Ellen one of our ward coordinators gathered up a small bag of gifts to give to her, a scarf, a key chain among other things, she didn't smile, in fact she gave no expression at all. But we are told that she was very happy with the gifts and the recognition. Apparently she rarely shows emotion. After five kids all conceived from being raped, I suppose I might be farely emotionless also. Who knows once her surgery scars have healed she will find something to smile about. All of our surgeries from Wednesday went home except for Sebastian. Cleft lip surgeries stay for one day, cleft palate surgeries stay for two. Its a long night for the team. Tonight I came back to our hotel early to set up for a class to be given by two of our plastic surgeons to a group of our local medical hosts. While the rest of the team stayed behind at the hotel to finish up two more surgeries. There seemed to be quite a few babies today, but also some four 20 somethings. Tomorrow is Saturday, another full day of surgery. Tonight is the earliest I will have gone to bed. I think I need this sleep desperately.

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