Monday, January 09, 2012

Back in the Army again?

With a 2:30 wake up call I was beginning to feel as if I were back on active duty. My arrival at the San Fransisco airport made me feel even more so. When our mission leader turned to me with a binder that contained the lists and contents of all 36 boxes of medical supplies and equipment that I am supposed to keep track of. 36 boxes? You want me to keep track of 36 boxes and its not even 4AM. Well let those Army instincts come to life, wake up, you can sleep when you die. Boxes all accounted for and checked onto the plane. Next hurdle? Customs in Lima. There are 24 volunteers right now we will pick up more in Miami.
The team is all together now, and ready for the last leg of our flight, into Peru. I've been writing from my phone, but apparently this will be the last chance I have to do that, as my phone does not work internationally. I'm really excited to get started on this mission and getting to know my teamates. Doors are closing now, time to turn off all electronic devices.....

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