Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Day 9 - And I thought Yesterday was Hard.

1 August - This morning we got a late start, which means a late end, but I'm jumping ahead of myself. Since our camp site in Cleone was just 2 miles away from the town of Fort Bragg, California, we decided to eat a nice hot breakfast in town instead of a camp side bowl of oatmeal. We road along Haul Road, which is a no motorized vehicle path from Cleone to Fort Bragg. We had a really good breakfast at Cafe One and then went to the Fort Bragg Bike shop to get a resupply of inner tube, since we had been through a few of our spares. None of the hills were as high as yesterday but there was so much up and down, that it added up to about the same elevation. We got separated at some point today and no one was quite sure where anyone else was. Our end point was Anchor Bay but we wound up in Gaulala at a camp site with a lot of folks speaking various languages. Next to us was a pretty amazing French family with 2 young boys doing the same trip we are and then some. They had been all over Oregon and now the coast line to San Francisco, with 2 kids on bikes! I found it hard to believe.
As I said our day started late and so we were just pulling into our camp site at 7:45 pm, way too late to still be riding. But we made it in. I am forever grateful to Lee, who always has that last bit of energy when no else does. Lee grabbed a pizza in town and beer and got it back to our camp site, since no one was in the mood to cook anything. He is a rock star.
As we would say in the Army, "one more day and a wake up".

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I'm kinda starting to like that Lee guy.