Friday, August 04, 2017

Day 12 - It's really about the Journey not the Destination

In the end it really was the Journey, the Golden Gate bridge was the Destination, but really...the destination was a nightmare of tourists on rented Bicycles that they didn't know how to ride! Just a big crush of people going both ways on the bridge. But we made it and we rode from one side to the other. We had a bit of lunch and then I left my three younger companions to tour San Francisco on their own. When Lee suggested we ride down Lombard Street, I said I'M OUT! Lol! I'm currently on the Ferry to Larkspur where my Knight will be waiting for me in a rented van to hold my chariot. I've gained strength (and pain) in my legs that I have never felt before. I've got saddle sores like you never want to experience. I have tans lines that make me look like a panda bear. Fueling this biking body has been interesting. I've definitely gained muscle, and lost no weight. We ate and ate and drank lots of beer #bikesandbeers Tomorrow we head North towards home, wiser, stronger and feeling a sheer sense of accomplishment.

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Christine Marie said...

Thank you for sharing your story with all of us! What a powerful journey. I love the photos!