Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Day 10 - Things Change

Today we were supposed to be entering San Francisco, but that would have meant making that 100 mile day last week and that just didn't happen. So here we are one more night of camping. Tonight we are in Bodega Bay. We had a great dinner at La Bodegita, great food and awesome margaritas. Now we are sitting at our camp site with a couple from Austria, an Italian that lives in Canada and a guy from New York. Tomorrow is the home stretch, we will turn off of Highway 1 and head for San Rafael. Friday morning we will head into San Francisco.
The sites are simply beautiful, the hills are brutal. My legs are killing me. Such an adventure a time to never forget.

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MollyMac said...

Had I known I would have driven up for dinner. See you tonight!!! Bike safely sister.