Monday, July 20, 2009

Mrs. Oregon a Proud Mama - On June 15 th I enjoyed one of the proudest nights of my life and it had nothing to do with beauty pageants. The Rankins and Goodwin families watched as son/grandson graduated from Monroe Middle School. The gymnasium was hot, it was almost impossible to see the kids as they "walked across the stage", people were rude and talked, but I was still as proud as I could be as I watched my baby receive his certificate of promotion. But the true highlight was being able to watch Ian and the band with no name (that's not the name, they really don't have a name yet) rock out as a part of the ceremony entertainment. There was poetry reading, piano playing and a number of speeches by the graduating 8th graders. But the crowd favorite had to be the finale, when Ian (lead vocals), Sora (guitar) , Jake (drums) and Corinthia (bass guitar) took the stage to sing "Rock and Roll High School", the kids had a blast and so did the adults. Corinthia was a last minute addition to the group and I must say a welcome addition. With the boys in their black pants, white shirts and tennis shoes, Corinthia added a certain something with her stylish black and white dress and really awesome platform wedge heels, she had a truly matter of fact aire about her that said, "yea I'm with the band", where the boys seemed a little more full of themselves. Corinthia was silently screaming out "GIRLS ROCK"! The kids did wonderful job, I look forward to their future gigs as they all move on to Sheldon High School. My baby a freshmen in high school? It seems like only yesterday that he was a 9.5lbs cherub in my arms.......

Ian receives his Promotion certificate

Ian Rocks
Ian and Sora Rock

Corinthia rocks

Sora, Corinthia, Jake, Ian
The Band with no name.....

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