Monday, July 27, 2009

4 July 2009 St. Paul Rodeo - "I wana be a cowgirl". I am an Oregonian, I have lived here most of my life, I'd always heard of the St. Paul Rodeo, I even recall seeing the sign on I5 pointing to the town of St. Paul, but it wasn't until this 4th of July when Mrs. Oregon was invited to be a part of the St. Paul Rodeo that I knew what it was all about. What an awesome time with some of the friendliest people I have ever met, and I came to the conclusion that being a rodeo queen is not all glitz and glamour, those girls work hard for their titles and those really cool cowboy hats with the crowns on them. Again with Bob as my chauffer and Daniela as my riding companion we wound our way through the town of St. Paul waving and throwing candy to the spectators on the parade route. Afterwards we were invited to have lunch with the rodeo queens it really was loads of fun.

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