Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Bullbog Birthday - So what do you get a Bulldog for her birthday?..... Anything she wants. Today is Blanche Belle Reve DuBois' 2nd birthday .
Blanche was born in Birmingham, Alabama and she has become the second child that I wanted to have, so yes, she is spoiled. So today we went all out for her birthday. Big brother Ian baked a dog bone shaped cake for her complete with icing. After cutting off ever so small slices for those humans brave enough to try the cake we set it on the ground for Blanche to dig into. There is one problem with Blanche, she does not know when to quit so she ate the whole thing.
Having been born in Alabama you would think that Blanche's favorite phrase would be "Roll-Tide", but Blanche comes from the linage of the Georgia Bulldogs, so she prefers "Go Dawgs", that was until we moved home to Oregon, we are now in the process of re-training Blanche so that she barks, when she hears "GO DUCKS". To help here with her training, we have had to out-fit her with the proper attire, and so today she recieved her University of Oregon leash and her official U of O game day T-shirt. She is one good looking dog.

It is about 9PM Blanche seems to be slightly immobile now, lying on the floor like a stuffed pig. I sure do hope that the birthday cake doesn't decide to make it's way through her little body long about midnight or later, waking me from my slumber.....hhhhmmm maybe letting her eat all of that cake wasn't such a good idea. Oh well it was fun to watch.

You can check out Blanche's web-page here -

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Carrie Wilson Link said...

I checked out Blanche's webpage. I particularly like her weight range, 49 pound fluxuation built in. I'm going to start doing that.