Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Thankful morning

One might assume that this Army girl is great at camping, well you would be wrong in your assumption. You see when I was little Scott and I would ask Dad why don't we go camping like our friends? Dad's answer was invariably, "because I spent 23 years, camping, I don't need to camp anymore". I only understood that once I got into the Army, but only partially understood. 1) I was an officer, given a shelter half (one half of a tent) that was never used. 2) dad actually used the shelter half he was given. Slept on the ground, in war time. 3) When we slept in "the field" we slept in nice big tents, on cots, the backs of trucks, etc. 4) We were often fed out of mobile kitchens, so I have no idea how to cook while camping. Except if you give me an MRE (Meal Ready to Eat), that I know what to do with.
So thank goodness for Kelsey, Lee and Ian. Kelsey can throw down on one of those little bitty single burner camp stoves that she carries on her bike. On the first night we had rice and beans, with veggies cut up.  In the morning we had an awesome pot of oatmeal with peanut butter, dried cranberries, and bananas to get us going. And of course COFFEE! But I must admit I could use a nice hot vente Pike Place right now. Lee the engineer/Eagle Scout is is great for all kinds of things, like being kind enough to give me his Mountain Hardware jacket for the trip, because I forgot to bring one! Having a personal professional bike mechanic on the trip is never a bad think. So far he's only had to change his own flat though, but did so in impressive time.
As I wake up this morning I am thankful for three really awesome young folks that are putting up with this woman that is 52 years wise.  I am also thankful for the elements -
As I hear the owl hooting, the cows mooing (farm next to camp ground), the sound of the ocean, birds tweeting, I am truly thankful, for God's goodness. But I do miss Bob Goodwin because right now at 6:40 am as those young folks are still curled up in their fart sacks (sleeping bags), my Bob would be handing me a hot cup of coffee right now. Sigh. #thankful

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Unknown said...

You are in good hands might as well kick back and have lee take care of everything