Saturday, July 29, 2017

Day 6 - Days all seem to be running together now

Woke up slowly but surely in a comfy Motel 6 bed today. No one wanted to get up, it's was too comfortable, but we did. We rode into the Arcata square and had breakfast at the Alibi. A really good breakfast, check it out if you are ever there. Then it was off to the Avenue of the Redwoods. I must say that the last two days have been the most beautiful and scenic. We rode through lots of farm country. Lots of "California Happy Cows" as a young Ian would say. We saw two strange cemeteries, all of the plots were above ground, I guess because of water levels like in New Orleans.  We stopped for Gatorade in the small town of Loleta, known for the Loleta cheese factory according to the Loleta Market owner. But we also heard that Halloween III, was filmed there. Then we rode into the town of Ferndale. Simply wonderful little town, we stopped for lunch at the pizzaria and in the distance heard the sounds of a mariachi band playing. They were actually marching up the street playing and behind them came a young woman and some attendants in a Cinderella horse drawn carriage. We couldn't tell if it was a wedding or a Quinciera. Whatever it was it was pretty cool. Then we were off to Weott and the Burlington campground. A hilly ride at times but simply awe inspiring to look at the majestic trees as I rode by.

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