Sunday, May 31, 2009

CATCHING UP - and so my friend Kim, said to me "when are you going to update your blog"? Well she was right I have not posted anything since February!!! How lame is that? I have done sooooo much and really enjoyed my almost five months as Mrs. Oregon, but guess I have not shown proper appreciation. This weekend in particular reminded me that I really need to update my blog. You see one of my goals as Mrs. Oregon was to chronicle my travels around my beautiful state, and travel I have..... One of the many benefits of being married to my husband bobgoodwin aka "Mr. Oregon", is never having to take the same path twice, not always having to travel on the Interstate, having the ability to say, "turn right" just for the heck of it, and that is what we did this weekend. I bought a new digital camera back in December, I have taken hundreds of pictures, and so now I will start uploading some of those that show my adventures thus far as Mrs. Oregon America thus far in chronological hold on and enjoy the ride!

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