Friday, December 16, 2011

When thank-you is not enough - So one of the things about ROTAPLAST is that if you aren't one of the medical professionals you have to pay for your own airfare.  Well I knew that I would be unable to pay the over $1000.00 for airfare, but I really wanted to make this mission, so I took a chance and asked some of the many wonderful people that I have in my life in hopes that I could get some to sponsor my trip and donate money for my airfare.  Food and lodging are covered but I was told that airfare would be about $1800.00.  I sent out an e-mail and facebook messages to my friends and the donations started rolling in.  In the end the total for my airfare was $1570.84.  Last night, someone handed me the final $50.00 in cash to pay for my airfare.  I am truly humbled by the kind, thoughtful and giving people in my life.  Thank-you seems so really insignificant, but it's really all that I have.  But what I can promise in return is this; I promise I will work hard each and everyone of my 15 days in Lima.  I will work hard to help these young children in need, I will work hard to make my fellow Rotarians proud, I will work hard because it is my way.  I hope to take my laptop with me and keep this blog updated everyday.  I will take plenty of pictures and give a presentation of my experience upon my return from Peru.  It is with great anticipation that I look forward to this trip. Thank-you to my dear friends, family and Rotarians for helping to make this mission a reality for me.

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