Monday, February 23, 2009

MRS. AMERICA HERE I COME - and so after three years and three tries I, Mrs. Eugene finally became Mrs. Oregon America. The Broadway Rose Theater in Tigard was the setting as married women from across Oregon came together to compete for the title of Mrs. Oregon. I had absolutely no expectations this year. After coming in as 1st runner-up two years in a row, I really played it low key this year, I didn't build myself up too high, for fear of coming crashing down. Heck this year my husband didn't even make it to the pageant as he stayed home to take care of our litter of puppies that were just 2 weeks old. My father was not supposed to be there either but but when I hit the stage for the swimsuit competition, I could see my father through the stage lights standing up and screaming his fool head off, I couldn't help but grin from ear to ear. I had no idea what to expect as we stood on the stage seven finalists waiting to hear who's name would be called. Kimberly Buckingham was called as 1st runner-up, well that had been my spot for the last two years so that must mean that there was no place for me, I was going home empty handed this year, back to a sense of normalcy. And then I heard it, "Joelle Rankins Goodwin" is your new Mrs. Oregon. Disbelief. My friend, Mrs. Oregon 2008 Taryn Stasny came to place the Mrs. Oregon sash over my shoulders and I gave her the biggest hug, I didn't want to let go. What a wonderful, rewarding time it was. The pageant was only one day this year which did not give us as much time as we have had in the past to get to know all of the ladies but in the short time that we had together all of the ladies were a joy to hang out with. My new sisters in pageantry are Lisa Larson, Macy Bishop, Kimberlee Buckingham, Darlene Geddes, Tamara Wissbaum, Ana Kuhl, I wish them all good luck and hope that they will return to what I think is one of the best pageants and pageant systems to be a part of.
I originally started writing here to chronicle my leading up to the Mrs. Oregon America Pageant back in 2006, and my writing has been kind of off and on, now I hope to do a better job of keeping this space up to date with all the wonderful events and functions that I have the opportunity to be a part of as Mrs. Oregon America. Persistence and tenacity are my watch words for this year, for without them I would not have made it this far.

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