Monday, February 23, 2009

HEARTS AND ROSES AUCTION - My first official function as Mrs. Oregon was to attend the Royal Rosarians Hearts and Roses Auction held in Portland to raise money for children's causes. The evening started off with a bang as I had forgotten to bring an evening bag with me and I was walking around with my phone, lipstick and a credit card in my hand. That just would not do. Luckily directly across the street from where the auction was being held was the Lloyd Center Mall, so bob and I walked across the street to the mall, Bob in his Tuxedo, me in my red sequins evening gown, crown and sash. It was really great fun, as people said hello and asked to have their picture taken with me. The auction was a blast the food was good, the auction was fun and the Royal Rosarians raised a record amount of money for kids in the Portland area.

Mrs. Oregon, "Mr. Oregon" Bob, and Miss Oregon 2009, Danijela Krstic

Mrs. Oregon Director; Libby Crawford, Miss Oregon; Danijela Krstic, and one of our Royal Rosarian hostesses.

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LB said...

You mean you don't walk around in your tiara and sash every day?